Server Rules

Paddy4530 posted Feb 8, 17

Violation of any of the following rules will result in an instant ban:

  1. Do not hack or mod through the use of a non-vanilla client. (This includes x-raying, flying, walking on water, killaura, auto-reloggers, etc.).
  2. Do not use an x-ray texture pack to locate hidden objects underground.
  3. Do not threaten the safety of the server through the use of cyber attacks (such as DDOS-ing).
  4. Do not threaten to dox or bring harm to players in the real world.
  5. Do not impersonate a staff member of the server or of Planet Minecraft.
  6. Do not grief or steal from the spawn or any other staff server builds.
  7. Do not use any form of racial slurs or hate speech. Swearing is allowed.

Violation of any of these additional rules will result in a warning / kick / ban:

  1. Do not camp any of the spawns, or the spawnpoints of an individual player.
  2. Do not spam. This includes chat messages, death messages, or teleport requests.
  3. Do not advertise for any other server in any way.
  4. Do not take advantage of any bugs, glitches, or exploits (such as item duplication).
  5. Do not try to trick an operator into giving you operator powers.
  6. Do not ask an administrator for free items, teleports, or favors. They will deny you.

Rules that the staff will follow:

  1. Administrators will not attack or kill a player purposefully. Accidental deaths will be reimbursed fully.
  2. Administrators will not grief a player's base or reveal the location of a player's base to anyone else.
  3. Administrators will not teleport players to each other or to bases.
  4. Administrators can change the weather if asked nicely.
  5. Administrators will not change the time (day or night) unless the server unanimously agrees to do so.
  6. Administrators will not give you any free items.
  7. Moderators will not use their banning / kicking powers to gain an unfair advantage over regular players.

Remember that administrators will not raid or grief, but moderators are free to do so. Moderators have no special powers aside from the ability to kick or ban players.

Our rules are subject to change. Just because something isn't explicitly written here does not mean that it is acceptable.

Any attempt to subvert a ban through the use of an alternate account / VPN will result in an immediate permanent ban and no further consideration for ban appeals.

If a staff member politely requests that you do something, it is expected that you comply.

All rules are interpreted by our staff. Their interpretations are the law.

-Signed, Paddy4530